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Indianapolis Mouse and Rat Control & Removal

About Rats: The rats in Indiana are Roof Rats (rattus rattus). They commonly enter homes and attics, and can be heard at night scampering across the ceiling or up and down the walls. They are common disease vectors, and as rodents, they pose a threat with their chewing. Chewing on electrical wires can create a fire hazard. The only way to solve a rat problem is by finding and sealing all points of entry shut. Never use poison for rat control! Only creates a bigger problem!

Rats and mice are common nuisance rodents in southeast Indiana. In Indianapolis and Marion County, rats have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many homes in the area.

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Indianapolis Rat Control Emails:

hi. my names adel and after viewing your site, i wondered if you could offer me some advice. i live in indianapolis ,so a visit is out of the question, so i'll explain my problem. my once beautiful smelling clean large bungalow, stinks. we had a building demolished next door over a year ago, and by july this year, we had rats in the garden, burrowing under the house. running under floors ,scurrying up and down most wall cavities and the attic was like listening to charge of the light brigade. as a result we contacted the local council, who came out on 2 visits, and put down poison bait at the outside entry points. the noise began to die down and we stopped seeing rats everyday, so we were very happy. but this last few weeks, my house is filling with the maggot flies, and the stench is stomach turning. as there were up to 100 rats in every wall, floor and orifice of my house, pin pointing, detecting and removing any has been impossible. is there anything i can do? i have a 6 yr old child and am terrified that we will breath in some sort of disease. are we at risk living in this giant maze of a rat coffin? please reply with any advice you can offer, i would be so grateful. the council only deal with the killing, the rest they say is my problem. yours hopefully. miss A.Scott.