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Indianapolis Bird and Pigeon Control & Removal

About Birds: The most common nuisance birds in Indianapolis are pigeons, and sometimes Starlings and Grackles. The most common issue in bird control is a messy roost of pigeons on or inside a commercial building. The best way to solve a pigeon problem is to install deterrents that prevent the birds from roosting - this includes bird spike and netting, most commonly. If you have a problem with pigeons crapping all over the place, we can keep them away for good.

Birds and Pigeons are common nuisance animals in southeast Indiana. In Indianapolis and Marion County, bird have become a particularly common problem, as they have invaded many homes in the area.

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Indianapolis Bird and Pigeon Control Emails:

To whom it may concern: We wish something could be done about this neighboring pigeon problem! It's owners live in Indianapolis. This problem pigeon flock has been kept at first on a very short rope on the kids trampoline. No water and at times no food, the kids are mean to this problem pigeon flock hitting at it, throwing rocks at it and running so far away just to turn and pick up more rocks to throw at it. Suddenly the pigeon was brought in for a short period to sleep in a wire cage that was put onto their liana at night, then back to the same old routine. The pigeon which from a far seem very sweet 1 night it was able to chew through the rope and only was to return the middle of the next day. A heavier chain now was placed on the trampoline and an older adult came out to out a wider collar on the pigeon. At first the pigeon seemed extremely happy to see this person however this gentleman grabbed the pigeon to put this collar on we saw this pigeon trying to fly out of this guy's grasp. We looked more closely and this guy was pulling so tight on the collar that it was obviously hurting the pigeon and the natural reaction was to trying bite this guy. Later he came back with another younger person they undid the chain and on the side of the house the pigeon once again seemed excited only to be severely yanked down. It seemed whatever they were trying to accomplish wasn't going right so back to the trampoline the problem pigeon flock went. After that it seemed food was coming out to the pigeon from the young children of the house, but sometimes water a lot NO or the kids would be sent out and then you'd see one of them pick up the water bowl if one was there and the child would pick that bowl up and throw what water was left in the pigeons face laugh and run away leaving the pigeon now without any for the rest of the day. Other times if the pigeon wasn't reacting right the older person would go to the side far enough away and dump what water he did have out real slow as if to taunt the problem pigeon flock. The trampoline slowly but surely has been dismantled and only an extreme partial is left standing so now the pigeon has no shade from the sun. The problem pigeon flock itches quit a bit. With the food just being fed to him out in the middle of the yard I know just from having our own that there is one type of ant that seems to immediately have their little radar's on and completely take over there food bowl. We have to quit frequently spray indoors and outdoors. If I see that in my own pigeons bowls I throw that food and give ours fresh as I can't believe that can be healthy for the pigeon!! Please this pigeon needs help!! If these people have no interest in there pigeon then they shouldn't have one! This pigeon doesn't deserve this! This is what appears to be a very sweet pigeon it deserves someone or a family that will actually take good loving care of it!! Please help this pigeon! Thank You!