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How to find and remove a dead bat

Bats are horrific little animals that no one wants in their home. They are just too dangerous and can do too much that can be hazardous to you and your family. They carry diseases and are generally scary little buggers. Getting rid of them as quickly as possible is a completely understandable option.

The problem is the sometimes you may know that you have a bat in your home and may also suspect that it is dead, but don’t really know how to look for it or get rid of it once you have found it. If you are in a quandary like this, here are some ideas for you.

If you are sure a bat has died in your home then begins by looking in places that it would have likely lived. This includes such places as your attic, garage, or crawl space. Look for signs that a bat has been living there, particularly waste materials. If you see these things do not go and clean them without properly dawning attire that can protect your skin and respiratory system. A bat feces contains parasites that can be very dangerous to you, so protect yourself.

If you find materials like this, then start looking in the areas around there to see if you can find the dead bat. This is probably the best place to begin.

If you do not find the bat there, then the next thing to do is to look for signs where insects are congregating. That bat is likely to become foot to ants, mice, or other pests, so seeing places where they are congregating is the next place to look.

If that does not work for you then start to see if you can detect an odor emanating from someplace that does not seem normal. A bad odor, like something decaying, is likely a clear indicator that something is dead there and that may very well be your bat.

If you find the dead bat ensure that you do not touch it with your bare hands. It is not just their feces that is dangerous. They carry diseases that can be transmitted from their dead bodies to you. Ensure that you wear very durable gloves, like a double set of dish washing gloves, and protect your airway by dawning a surgical mask. Move the bat to some kind of bag that you can close quickly. A garbage bag that you double bag is ideal for the task and then throw away in a closed container as quickly as possible.

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