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Removal of Birds from a Soffit

Do you know what is soffit? Yes, it is basically the underside of an architectural structure such as an arch (a balcony, or overhanging eaves) that is known as a soffit. So by definition that is a bunch of places of Indianapolis birds nest. But the most troublesome to get rid of is when the birds have their nest on the soffit (ventilation under a ceiling).

Understand legislation
By law, most birds are protected so you need to know that their removal needs to be humane, and you also need to remember that not all Indiana birds are going to find their way into your roofing. So it’s not like you are going to find an eagle in your roof.

Birds likely to find their way into your roof space
- Starling: this is a blackish Indiana bird with a pointed yellow bill. It has a noisy whistle and if it’s in your roof, you will hear it walking about. So getting rid of it may be a priority for your peace and quiet.
- Feral pigeon: its color may vary from black, brown or even grey. It finds its way into the roof through roof damage which leaves sizeable holes.
- House sparrow: a small, brown Indianapolis bird. It’s likely to find its way into your home through gaps between tiles to your roof and the gutter.
- House martins: these are not likely to enter your building but they will build their mud nests under the eaves.
These of course are just examples of some of the birds and how they find their way into your roofing. Some birds will even use ventilation pipes and drain pipes to gain entry.

Birds and protection
Being that wild Indiana birds are highly protected, destroying their nests is NOT the way to go. So the next best thing would be to deter them from nesting in your house in the first place. More to this is that getting to the bird in a soffit means you need an expert on the matter and well that will cost you money.

How to
It’s best to do it at winter when they are not nesting. Do this by:
- Cleaning out holes that may be in your roofing and sealing them off.
- Consider a different type of vent that doesn’t deteriorate easily. This will keep them out.
- Cutting off their food supply will also go a long way in solving your problem. Avoid feeding the Indianapolis birds, keep your compound insect free and plants that rear nuts, berries and fruits.

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